The Story of the Dumpling Lamp Shade!

It all started with this roll of pink ribbon…


I didn’t want to throw away five bucks worth of ribbon. I guess as a kid hearing my parents lecture about how wasteful I am made me some what of a hoarder. HA HA!

So here I am…thinking about what I could do with ribbons…


Bows?? Eh! For what? Nope…

Hair ties? Eh! Hmm..maybe

“Oh I am so hungry…hmm perhaps dim sum would be good…maybe some dumplings?”

Wait! Dumplings??

Then I started folding cutting the ribbons into little squares and folding them into dumpling shapes.

Just add a little glue in the middle and pinch! BOOM!

You have ribbon dumplings!


Well…Needless to say…I spent a lot of energy and time cutting and “dumplinging”

And I got this…

My favorite part is when you turn on the lights…


Aww so pretty and pink.