Mosquito Bites and Vicks

My daughter recently found out that mosquitoes are probably the worse thing ever. She has mosquito bites up and down her legs. At 2 1/2 years old, I must say…she is pretty tough for a toddler. She rarely cries over being hurt and usually for the bumps/bruises we can make them go away with simply just a “princess” bandage or mommy’s angel kiss. 

She was crying and screaming that her leg itches and it hurt. We have tried a couple of  different types of “natural” cream but it did not help any. So like any mom, I goggled other methods to help her without it being too abrasive on her toddler skin. 

I found an article that someone used Vicks on their mosquito bites. So the crazy mom I am, I went outside and figured that I might as well suffer with my child while she is in pain. I irritated my skin immediately once I got a couple of good bites to test out this theory. I only dabbed a quarter size of Vicks on each bite mark and waited for it to work its magic!

And it worked! It takes about a couple of minutes but it does work.

While it is doing its job of stopping the itching, it is also smoothing her with its warm scent. So now, her mosquito bites can start healing properly without scarring her beautiful legs.


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