The Next Big Step

When I was younger, I wanted four kids and my husband wanted none. Over the years, we have compromised and now, we have two beautiful little girls. We have talked about having more children but needless to say, neither of us feel the need for more children. Yet, I feel so depressed at the fact that I will never be pregnant again or will I ever birth another child naturally. When I was pregnant, I hated the feeling of pregnancy but why do I miss it? I am very content with my family and financially, two kids is perfect; especially, the way we want to raise them. I am envious of my friends who are having boys because I feel like I am missing out on something but when I really think about it, I would not even know how to raise a boy. My house is full of stuff and I am having a hard time getting rid of all this baby stuff. When I had my first, getting rid of a lot of unused items was quite easy because I knew I would probably never use them even if we had a second child. Now that I have a second, I thought it would be easier to just get rid of all this stuff…but the truth is, I am having attachment issues.

*Sigh, tomorrow…I will start posting things online to sale off because I feel like if I do not take the first step, I will probably hold onto everything FOREVER. I guess I will just have to get over this hump in my life.


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